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'This has to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to program against objects and data for .NET'

'If your application uses a database, this Toolkit will save you time and code'

Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008 developers ...  take advantage of



  • You create a design-time Class Model which represents a  network of related objects. Do this with the build in designer from scratch, or from an existing database or XML schema.
  • Your core Class Model is mapped to Code and Data Models for you.
  • You add more class, property and method elements to the Model to extend the core design. Then generate CSharp or Visual Basic code to provide a home for your custom code.
  • Use the UI components to help create forms and to provide data binding sources to your UI controls.
  • Finally you build a run-time Model which encapsulates your Model and you deploy it with your other assemblies and your custom code.

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Don't create masses of architecture and/or plumbing code for each new project ... leverage this Toolkit today at a low low price that makes sense.

Register with us and Download the Toolkit now. Add Constructor/MDRAD to your software collection.


Download the toolkit and use it in 'Lite' mode for free! Ideal for applications with few data classes and for test projects.

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Are you using
Visual Studio .NET
2002, 2003 or 2005?

Not ready or unable to move to 2008?

Need to support and enhance legacy code?

Constructor/MDRAD can really help you.

See our PetShop conversion documents

Part 1
We save hundreds of lines of code and simplify the application architecture
Part 2
We enhance the application further, increase functionality, yet save more code



Microlease PLC, the UK's largest electronic equipment hire company, uses Constructor to run their web site.

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