Benefits of using Constructor/MDRAD

There are many benefits to be gained by using the MDRAD process. The Constructor/MDRAD process provides the following, amongst others.


  • Development tool tightly integrated into the Visual Studio .NET IDE
  • Provides a Model Driven Object Framework and Object-Relational Mapping
  • Integral Model Editor
  • No need to learn UML
  • Suits the Agile / Extreme Programming approach
  • Model import from OLEDB data sources and XMI
  • Create complex User Interfaces bound to Object Framework’s business objects
  • Generates code in C#.NET and VB.NET
  • Increase your value to your organization and customers
  • Work faster and smarter with .NET-based Model Driven applications


  • Increases designer/developer productivity
  • Increases ROI and prolongs the lifetime of your investments
  • Concentrates on the business domain rather than low level details
  • Reduces overall complexity
  • Models and creates documented, maintainable applications quickly
  • Based on OMG Standards MDA, MOF, UML and XMI
  • Easily re-factors changes to data, object, component layers
  • Provides convenient entry point to . NET and Model Driven development
  • Easy to learn, straightforward to use
  • Recover the investment with time savings on the first development

Constructor/MDRAD Product Features

There are too many features to list them all but you will get the idea when you see some of the product advantages in the summary below. 


  • Fully integrated into the Visual Studio.NET IDE
  • Works with Visual Studio 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008 
  • Task Pane, Output Window, Solution Explorer, Server Explorer, Code Window, IDE integration
  • System Requirements: Any system running Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

Model Editor

  • Create model from an existing database schema, XMI import or from new
  • Built in Class Diagrams to help visualize models
  • Create inherited classes for use in code and in data
  • On screen Platform Independent and Platform Specific views
  • View Business, Database, and Code models together
  • Automatic mapping between models
  • Synchronization of model to database and code
  • Integrated with VS Property Window to minimize dialog display and entry


  • Works with SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005, Access
  • Create model from an existing database schema
  • Create database schema from new model
  • Synchronize changes made in the model with the existing database schema
  • Object / Data layers handle both database inheritance and many-to-many relationships
  • Model can be mapped at Class level to a table and/or database

Code Generation

  • C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET code generation
  • Dynamic Classes minimize generated code
  • Core business object functionality generated automatically
  • Code added by Developers is retained when synchronizing code with model


  • Easily make changes to the model as development proceeds
  • Code directly against the Constructor/MDRAD API if using as a business object layer or with your forms
  • Full Intellisense for the Model in the code window to provide maximum productivity
  • Uses standard .NET Data Binding and controls
  • Removes the headache of object relationship management
  • Frees developers from the necessity of hard-coding SQL statements
  • Programmers maintain complete control over front end appearance and functionality and have the freedom to fine-tune business logic as required
  • Add business logic as required to the Class or Context View layers provided
  • Object Layer provides XSD for Crystal and other report creation functionality


  • Minimal overhead when distributing Constructor-based systems
  • No run time license fees
  • End-users can keep database connection details confidential

Run Time

  • Run Time Business Model encloses all database updates in transactions
  • Business rules such as multiplicity and constraints are enforced
  • Optimistic locking scenario employed - application can elect to trap concurrency errors as required
  • Connection string can be read from user's own configuration file for confidentiality