Why use Constructor/MDRAD (Model Driven RAD)

Do you have one or more of the following aims...

  • Develop for the .NET platform
  • Create working applications quickly
  • Target to Windows and/or Web
  • Build structured systems
  • Reduce development time

If so, you will greatly benefit from Constructor/MDRAD, the Model Driven Rapid Application Development tool for Visual Studio.

Developed specifically for the .NET platform, Constructor/MDRAD creates Business Entity and User Interface code direct from a Database Schema or UML Model, while allowing programmers complete control over the business logic and front end design.

Tightly integrated into the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Constructor/MDRAD provides unprecedented speed of development, whilst maintaining and easing the structured approach to database application design. This approach suits the Agile or Extreme programming process.

Constructor/MDRAD allows applications to be built quickly without placing the burden of theoretical software modelling on to developers. But by using a subset of UML, Constructor/MDRAD provides a model-based solution and automates the more mundane, yet highly important tasks involved in turning a business model / data model into an application or set of applications.

In harnessing the most powerful aspects of the .NET architecture, Constructor/MDRAD dramatically reduces the amount of time taken to develop applications, reduces the potential for errors and the need for debugging considerably, and frees the developer to use their productivity and creativity where it is needed most; within the business logic and the application front end. Constructor/MDRAD is remarkably easy to use and provides many features that help speed up the definition and creation of model-based applications.

Constructor/MDRAD uses MDA technology (Model Driven Architecture) to provide mappings between business objects, and data, code and UI models.

Diagram 1. Model to Deployment process


Model to Deployment Process