What developers have been saying about Constructor/MDRAD

Microlease PLC, the UK's largest electronic equipment hire company, uses Constructor to run their web site.

"Our development team is launching a large enterprise application for Hilton Grand Vacations Company. The application is a CRM-type app that will serve a dozen marketing teams in four locations across the company. We used Constructor for the entire data access layer for the application. Constructor reverse-engineers our complex data model and allows the team to immediately start working with objects, without writing a single line of SQL.

We used it for all kinds of data: It simplifies parts of the program that handle small transactions, like simple insert/update/deletes in a table. We also used it as an engine to process huge amounts of data in a single transaction, doing inserts of up to a million rows per transaction into a 30 GB database. Eliminating the time my developers spend building data access components mean they spend all their time on what they do best: writing value-added code. The mundane parts of writing approximately the same data access layers for each new application are eliminated, and my team is incredibly more efficient."

Jonathon Schultz
Technical Lead / Systems Developer
Hilton Grand Vacations Company

The tool is awesome and you have done a great job answering our questions. I want to thank you for all your timely responses. You have done an exceptional job and I would say your product reflexes the values you portray. Joseph Corsi

We’re going to buy Constructor next month. Your support is good! Thanks for all! NP Nguyen

I like this thing. Jake Heinzman

The object Layer is exactly what I’m searching for. Severin Meyer

Documentation is particularly impressive. I am spending lots of time reading the pdf (Theory & Practice). Needless to say, Constructor is impressive as is the documentation. Seems like you thought of everything. Overwhelming, really. Wayne L. McKittrick

Your tools works with the insides of the IDE and that makes the integration seamless. J Marouna

We thought the achitecture was inspired and made maximum use of .net. Andy Swatton

I want to tell you that i like the product - it's friendly and rich with features. Personally i believe your product ... is visionary and offers clear advantages over other tools, in both concept and implementation. Yair Lavsky

I have been using Bold (now Borland MDA) for sometime and I can say that Constructor appears to be much more polished and user friendly then Bold. David Farrell-Garcia

I asked other friends to try it. We are still working on it and reading it's 400 pages documents. Its structure and design is great and I think not only it is one of our best choices for code generation but also we can advise it to other software companies. S.Z Reza

Thanks for the pro-active support provided. Sunil Kumar

Your object model looks great - Kudos to the excellent way you read the SQL data in. Your product is still at the top of the heap. Andrew D. Fields

Once again, thank you for your fast and accurate response. Martin Rosenlidholm

Much deeper then Pragmatier. Allan Gobin

I have run through the demo, very impressive. Julian Turner

Very exciting product, well done! We are very impressed with the concepts behind Constructor and can see that it could provide us with a big advantage in development and maintenance of our systems. Aziz Khodaie

I want impatiently to test a Web app generator producing some similar to your excellent Winforms. Lev Tikhonov

We have studied the documentation of your product and are thinking about the possibility of adopting it in our developments and to recommend it to ours clients. Rufino Salguero Pérez

Congratulations on what loooks like a well thought-out tool. Lee Pope I am very impressed with what I have seen thus far of constructor. Ben Nicholson

I just visited your website and was impressed with your constructor product. Ken Lovett

Gentlemen, I am interested in your product, having looked at a number of similar solutions (IronSpeed, Deklarit, and others). Your approach of letting the database designer build his database and use that as the basis for code-generation makes a lot of sense to me. I feel like I *need* to design the database myself to get it right and understand my application domain, and then a tool like yours can make the application-building itself more painless. Chris Crabtree

You answered all my questions completely and actually the way I wanted or wished. Dragan Kovacevic

We have used Constructor a lot… in migrating our old Access solution to SQL and beyond and re-writing our database structure; from here we’ve been able to create some business logic in a few simple steps – it’s a great timesaver! James Burns

I've mentioned how much I'm enjoying your product -- but by the way, your technical support isn't too shabby either. Mike Renaud

I have been using the Constructor Evaluation version to get the feel for the product and its capabilities. I think it is a good product tool. I am going through the exercises in the PRACTICAL User Guide to get a feel for Contructor. So far I am very impress with it. It answers alot of my questions about developing application in WIN and Web. Quang D Ho

So far I really like this product: I am hoping that we can adopt it for our Development Team to increase their production enormously. James Huddle

I'm quite interested in your product. I am developer working on my own product. Definitely need a tool like Constructor. Zhenchang Lin

Your MDRAD tool, Constructor, which I just found from a link on codegeneration.net, is very impressive. Bob Baker

I am impressed with the simple elegance of the workflow used to create the applications with Constructor. Joe Salvatore

Still thinking about my future direction with .NET. My preferred choice is C4 as an all rounder. I think it's a most impressive product. Alex McCullie

Constructor, Deklarit and IronSpeed are in our top mind choices. Constructor seems to be more closely what we want, than the others. Martin D. Berezaga

I have shown your product to one of my colleagues and he is considering purchasing your product as well. John Fuqua

We have spent some time in analysing your application. We like the look and feel of it. It is by far functionally rich and has impressed us, and is ideal for what we have in mind. Phil Houston

We have seen your product in your web site and it seems to be interesting. Martial Goffard